Social Media

LIVE Sunday Morning at 10:45 AM

We know there are all types of people who are not able to come visit us in person. You may be working, sick, fishing (did I just say that?) or you may just not be sure about joining us for the first time. Well, we invite you to take a look at us on Facebook Live. We will be here Sunday Morning at 10:45.  When you get to Facebook, take the time to like and follow us to keep updated on what is happening at Pleasant Grove Nazarene. Click the Facebook icon to stream our service and we will see you there !!

Our YouTube is our place for you to find conversation starters about our faith.  You will find special videos from Lunch with Larry & Lloyd, Chronicles of Andrew, & The Pastor's Corner.  We will have some Sunday Services & Study Sessions.  We  hope that you have fun and find a smile or two in what you find.  Plus with the goofballs running this page, you are bound to find some LOL moments.  Click the link to find our channel.


Official page for Pleasant Grove Church of the Nazarene's Youth!