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About Congregation Portal Access

Here you can keep track and update your personal information, such as address, phone numbers and emails for yourself and other immediate family members. You can allow or prevent your contact information within the “Church Member Directory” and see other members. Opt in/out of newsletters updates or email and text message updates.

Other things you can do:


The online giving allows you to make contributions using your credit card, debit card or checking account. Please note that processing your giving online does cost the church the fees for processing that transaction. The card processor charges 0.29% + $0.30 per credit/debit card transaction or 0.8% for each ACH/checking contribution that is made. Please consider adding a small amount to your gift to help cover the cost of processing. YOU ALWAYS RECEIVE FULL CREDIT FOR THE TOTAL OF YOUR GIFT.



Setting up online giving or a reoccurring donation is secure. Using this process, this site does not have access to your credit card or bank account numbers, nor is this information ever transmitted to or saved within your church account. The credit card processor uses TOKENS to relay successful donations back to your church account, allowing your account giving to be updated, without giving access to any sensitive financial data. TOKENIZATION is the latest in secure account processing, eliminating actual card data transmission.



Regardless whether you ae using the online giving or prefer traditional tithing during church service, logging into your account will allow you to keep up with all your contributions and accounts.



This is a list with or without pictures of the families that have opted to be a part of the member directory. 



Private calendar with special events by day/week/month. viewable and printable by calendar or list. A great way to get a detail of all the events that might not be publically listed.



The new Events screen includes the Event Management feature which encompasses volunteer management, facilities management, and event registration/management. The calendar is even more useful with more options.