Congregation Portal Registration

Congregation Portal Registration

You may use the following forms to register your family for access to the church member portal. Once you complete this registration process, the church office will validate your request and will inform you when your account is active. Please allow up to a week for confirmation. A valid email account is required to gain access and you will use this email account to retrieve an initial password.

This information will be used to update the church records of all families and members and is part of the church membership program. This allows us to keep everyone updated via text messages and emails of events happening in the church. Once logged in, you will be able to update your personal information, access an online church member directory (You must opt in to be included), perform on-line giving and access historical reporting of your tithes and offerings. Traditional tithing is always available and this will also be a part of your tithing report. PARTICIPATION IN THIS PROGRAM IS OPTIONAL. THIS INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH ANY OTHER PERSONS OR ORGANIZATIONS.


Family Information

Lets gather family information first. Then we will get each person in the family.
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Next lets add each family member